In the spotlights;  Honouring the legendary Sean Connery and the iconic tuxedo


Little has changed in the looks, make, and wear of the tuxedo made famous by the late Sean Connery in the first James Bond movie, Dr. No in 1962. Since then, a well fit tuxedo or dinner jacket has been the no.1 choice for men to wear at galas, dinner parties, ceremonies and New Year's Eve. During the Oscar awards, many movie stars still arrive dressed mirroring likes of Sean Connery. In this famous Casino scene from the movie Dr. No, Sean is wearing a tuxedo made with cloth from the Heritage Collection, Barathea, by Abraham Moon.

Sean Connery, as agent 007,  is wearing a tuxedo made with cloth from the Heritage Collection, 'Barathea' by Abraham Moon  on set in the Movie Dr. No (1962).


Barathea is a fine English cloth, closely woven with a slight diagonal weave in appearance and a broken rib effect. It has a granular, or pebbled, surface but it feels smooth to the touch. Mainly used as a suit or uniform fabric, it can also be used in men’s evening clothes. It is a heavier fabric than we tend use in tuxedos today, but you will definitely feel like 007 wearing it. 

If you want the real James Bond look, Barathea from Abraham Moon is your choice.


For the ladies we can thank the late, great  actress Marlene Dietrich for making the tuxedo a must-have for the stylish woman’s wardrobe, albeit stylized to provide a more feminine touch. Nowadays, black tuxedos worn with high pleated pants and with silk revers on the jacket are all the rage again. In fact, they have never been out of style!

Photo: Marlene Dietrich in Morning-suit with silk package in the movie Morocco (1930).

We have various black, high- quality fabrics and styles suitable for a feminine, yet strong appearance. Please note that we are the only tailor in the region that offers tailored Ladies Suits and shirts. Our ladies’ shirt comes with extra buttons to create a better shape. Photo: Gabriella in a Tuxedo from Suit Academy with silk revers and high pleated pants during a photoshoot in De Baron cocktail bar. Maastricht (2020).


Without a tailored shirt your tuxedo is merely a black suit. 

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